Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calm, cool and collected

. . . does not often describe me. I so admire the moms I see who speak calmly and who never seem to lose their cool. I want to be like that. I have made an effort but all too often, I let my emotions take control and I end up carrying on in a ridiculous manner, usually about something that wasn't even important.

I recently read something on another blog that I think I need to re-read often.

"If a child has done wrong, a child needs talking to; BUT, NO parent ought to talk to a child while that parent is unable to talk in a natural tone of voice, and with carefully measured words. . . .If a parent is tempted to speak rapidly, multiply words, or show an excited state of feeling, the parents first duty is to gain entire self-control." From Lou Priolo's book, The Heart of Anger.

Wow. Just wow. I cannot even begin to count how many times a day I show an excited state of feeling when I talk to my kids and it's usually not a good feeling. I get frustrated very easily and don't take the time to get control before I speak. And one of the things that upsets me the most with Brendan is how quickly he gets upset. Oh, boy.

Another funny thing - I have this book. I just haven't read it yet. And I've had it for four years.

It's time to do some serious reading and praying. And hope it's not too late to be a better example to some young ones in my home.