Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still here . . .

. . . and so much to say.  Where to begin?  The year is almost half over.  I mentioned before in a previous post (which I should provide a link to but I am tired, people) about some goals I was working towards:   completing a marathon, reading the Bible in a year and selling our house. 

The marathon has not been completed but that will require a separate post.  I'm close - oh, so close - but not quite there yet.  I am still hoping to finish one by the end of this year. 

I am up to date on reading my Bible!  I *love* having it on my Nook.  That has really worked for me.  I have occasionally gotten a day behind but have been able to catch up within a few days. 

We listed our house on Tuesday, May 8.  We had two showings on Saturday, May 12 (same day as Brendan's birthday gathering - that was fun).  We had another showing on Thursday, May17.  And received an offer on Thursday, May 17.  And then walked around in a daze all weekend.  Lots of mixed emotions going on around here.  We have lived here for 14 years!  That is the longest I've ever lived in a house.  My kids have grown up here.  We have worked hard at improving this house and making it work for our growing family.  So I was feeling a bit sad and melancholy at the thought of saying good-bye to this place.  I have been told that the wife of the couple buying it loved it and said it felt like home when she walked through.  That put a smile on my face and helped my heart feel better.   

Besides feeling a bit sad over leaving this house, there is also some apprehension because we don't yet know where we will live after we move out.  We are house hunting but time is getting away and it is looking unlikely that we will be able to find a house and close on it before we have to be out of this house. 

It's a blessing that this sold so quickly - I only had to get it ready for 3 showings this time!  But we never expected it would happen this fast.  We thought we'd have a year to see what was out there.  So for now, we are looking into rentals, looking at houses for sale and hoping an answer becomes obvious soon.