Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Bible Scholars and Football Players

This was not a posed picture, I promise you. Owen and Rachel each grabbed a Bible and sat on the chair together and started to look through them. I'll have to get them one of their own because some of my maps in the back are nowhere to be found.

Football season has started! Josh is coaching Brendan's football team through the YMCA again this year and having a great time. Here they were huddling up before the game.

An action shot of Brendan running right when someone grabbed his flags. Notice the dirt on his leg? After the game, they all compare dirt streaks and try to figure out who is the dirtiest. I am noticing that there is a big difference this year in the number of injuries and also the number of players who end up on the ground after every play. So far there has been nothing serious but lots of scrapes and bruises and just kids falling down. Have I mentioned that I would be perfectly happy if he gave up football and just concentrated on basketball?

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