Sunday, May 10, 2009

Life lately

We had our annual garage sale last week and it went really well. It was organized and priced and ready to go by Wednesday at 4:30. I think that is the earliest I've ever been ready! Thursday morning we were out at 7:30 pulling tables out and we had our first stop at 8 (advertised to start at 9). Around 11:30 it started pouring but people were still stopping! It stopped raining around 12:30 and the sun came out for the rest of the afternoon. Friday was a lot slower but we did get rid of lots of clothes and only ended up with a few boxes left. The upstairs of our garage looks great and our basement is also cleaned out. And I have 7 empty storage tubs! Definitely worth the time and effort this year.

We had new flyers made advertising our house and had copies sitting out during the garage sale. We also had to keep filling the box attached to the sale sign. We're planning on doing a couple open houses soon to get some potential buyers in here.

Today for Mother's Day, we went out to Fazoli's after church and then I took a nap while Josh mowed lawn. I went to some stores by myself and then went for a run with a friend. I came home and hung out with the family and now am waiting for some fried pickles from a local restaurant and a fountain pop. My life is pretty darn good because this is actually a typical Sunday around here. I feel amazingly blessed to share this life with Josh and our 4 interesting and entertaining children.


julie said...

where do you find fried pickles in Jackson??? That is something I have never tried!

Angie said...

Julie, we always get them from Hunt Club - love them! I believe they're listed on the menu as Dale's Dills. I have also heard Hudsons has them but haven't tried them. So, so good! :)