Saturday, January 28, 2012

Living a full life

I am still here. I am not sure why I have been so quiet but I want to try and remedy that. So, here's an update.

I am training to run a marathon. I haven't really grasped that yet. I'm training with 3 other friends and so far, the training schedule isn't bad. We've been running 3 miles two times a week (some run more because they're overachievers) and then a 6 mile run on the weekend. Tomorrow we have a 7 mile run and it will start to increase. I looked ahead to April and it was kind of overwhelming. So I'll take it one week at a time. We're planning to follow the run-walk strategy and run for 5 minutes, then walk for 1 minute. We haven't run this way yet so we might tweak it.

I have started reading the Bible in One Year - again. Last year I tried this and made it to May. But this year I bought the actual Bible instead of printing the plan from the internet. I also bought it for my Nook, which means I can always read it as long as I have my Bible, Nook or iPod with me. So far, it's working great and I've read it every single night. I'm very hopeful that I can keep this up all year.

We are getting ready to try to sell our house again. This time, we are going to rent a storage unit and try to empty it as much as we can to show off the space better. We are also trying to stage it better. I am working on the contentment area but feeling okay about moving on to something bigger if possible. Brendan recently expressed an interest in having his own room. He is 11 and Owen is 4 - that's a big gap. And it will seem really big in a couple years. I don't know if he would ever be desperate enough to move to the basement but that is an option if we're still in this house. Trying to think positively but I like having a back-up plan. I'm not sure how the idea of a "back-up plan" fits with the whole idea of faith but that is another discussion for another day.

It seems like I'm trying a lot of things *again* this year. Running a long race (last year was the half marathon and I'm doing one of those again, too), reading the Bible in a year, selling our house. I hadn't realized that before. I'm learning from past mistakes and not giving up. That's exciting to think about. This is going to be a great year.

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