Friday, November 14, 2008

Heading out

We are leaving for North Carolina today. I have mixed feelings about this trip. We'll be staying in a lovely condo with loads of amenities, courtesy of my parents, so I'm excited about that. I'll be making meals with my mom and sister and sharing the burden of choosing what is for dinner and I know I'll love that. There will be lots of games and snacking and having fun with the kids, and I can't wait for that. My only hesitation is that it is an approximately 14 hour trip and I have two toddlers who will let us know in not subtle ways when they're done traveling.

I've tried to think of everything I possibly could to make it a more enjoyable trip for them (and for us). I have loads of snacks, new books, a couple new toys and some movies. We'll stop for the night after driving about 1/3 of the way tonight. We talked about driving straight thru but Josh wasn't sure he was up for that and we also didn't know how well everyone would sleep in the van. They don't have a good track record for that so far.

I'm already praying for patience and a good attitude. I think it will be tested during the next day and a half.

Of course, I'll be taking my laptop with me and there is an internet connection there (or so we've been told) so I'll let you know how the trip went!

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Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Praying for you! :) I kind of shuddered just thinking about it, but that's not a very encouraging thing to say. :) It sounds like you are prepared as well as any mom of four could be. :)

Have fun Angie! Sounds like your time there will be fabulous!