Saturday, December 13, 2008

Love this time of year!

I love so much about this time of year. I almost said everything but then remembered the shopping trip I had yesterday and decided that wouldn't be honest. But I'll focus on the positive. I love the snow when I'm warm inside and can watch it fall. I love the lights and decorations outside. I love the yummy foods and hot drinks. I love the anticipation of Christmas and time spent with family and reflecting on the One who was born. I love the special music and children's performances that always make my eyes tear up, even if my children aren't performing.

This year has been fun because Tori has been in several performances. She is in the children's choir at our church, Abba's Choice, and her ballet class is also in the Christmas recital. Last Sunday was our church's Christmas program and Tori did her ballet special with 3 of her friends who are also in her ballet class. Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Brendan got a little tired during the Christmas program.

And one more picture just for fun - this is from Thanksgiving weekend. No, Owen is not praying. The poor little guy was so tired Saturday night that he fell asleep during supper! He slept for just a couple minutes and then looked up, surprised, and finished eating like nothing had happened.


Jennifer said...

How cute that your son fell asleep at the table. I love that age!

Jami said...

I love this time of year too! And I love those pictures!!!