Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas memories

We got back home today and had an absolutely wonderful time with family and friends. We were there for about a week and it still didn't seem long enough to see everyone and do what we wanted to do! But we made the most of the time we had. I even got some scrapbooking in, which I haven't done for over a year. Now the bug has bitten again. I'm somewhat organized and know what I need to work and want to keep working on it. I love going through pictures and putting them on paper and journaling about what happened. Right now I'm on spring of 2006 so the kids look pretty different! I'm a very sentimental person - I love looking back and remembering great moments.

Here are some of the fun memories from this last Christmas:

Opening presents at Josh's parents house. As you can see, there are kids everywhere! :) 9, to be exact. But they all play really well together so it's a lot of fun. Just keep some motrin handy because of the noise level.

Opening presents at my parents house. It looks like a lot of kids but those are just mine. :)

Playing games at Uncle CR and Aunt Helen's house with cousins. Always a fun time!

Owen was tired today and decided to lay on the kitchen floor while my mom was making lunch. A nice, comfy spot that's not in the way. :) Rachel thought it was a great idea so she joined him.

A not-so-fun memory would be taking Rachel to the ER Sunday night at 11:30. Sunday evening she had been crying and holding her ear so I guessed she had an ear infection. But I thought giving her motrin would get her through the night and we could figure out what to do on Monday. I had given her motrin at 7 and within 20 minutes, she was happy and seemed fine. She went to bed but then around 10:30 woke up crying and in pain. This was not good. I couldn't give her motrin again until 1 and didn't have tylenol to alternate. We sat with her for an hour but she wasn't even content sitting with us and kept crying. So instead of enduring a sleepless night with her in pain, we decided to take her to the ER and lose sleep while getting her some relief. It was a good decision.

They gave her tylenol there and one dose of the antibiotic needed for her ear infection. Then, Monday morning I picked up the prescription and a bottle of children's tylenol and children's motrin. She was not in pain and I was able to scrapbook for the day. Today she has had no pain medication at all and is back to her normal self, which is happy and playful most of the time. I tend to forget that after she has been sick because she is horrible when she is not feeling well.


Jennifer said...

Ouch, ear infections are the worst. I am actually suspicious of my 8 year old having one at the moment, but her symptoms don't seem quite right and since she is 8 and doesn't ever get them I am waiting it out. I hope your little one is better quickly!

Angie said...

Thanks, after two days of antibiotics, she was all better! I like to wait them out if I can and just give them pain medicine but that was not cutting it this time. Hope your 8-year-old is feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Hi Angie, you had commented on my blog about my homeschooling some of my kids and sending another one to school. Could you email me please? It is a long story!