Friday, March 20, 2009

The Cake

Here is Tori's birthday cake - it was not quite as simple as it looked. Okay, maybe it was that simple and I just really don't like messing with cakes. When I put the top layer of cake on, it started to crack across the top. Luckily, the frosting covered it up, although I did have some issues with the frosting scraping some of the cake off. I don't know why but frosting a cake really stresses me out. It did turn out cute though.

These were the "doggie" bags that each child took home. There was a bag of puppy chow, a dog bone cookie cutter, a doggie bowl and some peanut butter cups (because what is a doggie bag without some candy?). Each child also received a headband with puppy ears.

I decorated our dining room table with a table runner, stamped with paw prints and dog bones and then we had some stuffed dogs holding down the balloons.
Overall, it was a very fun party and Tori had a great time. I overestimated the length of time for the games and should have had more activities or a shorter party time. Now I know. :) I also had 3 good friends who stayed to help and I'm so grateful they were here. I'm also grateful it's only Friday night and the weekend is just beginning!


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Angie!! I am impressed! Really, these were some great and very creative ideas. She must have had so much fun!

Julie said...

Looks like you did a great job Angie! I'm sure Tori will remember it for a long time.

Julie Durocher said...

I did a puppy party for Savannah's 7th birthday...your's is so cute! I love the cake...wish I had known some of your ideas then...but it was fun anyway...I bet Tori had a blast!