Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tori's birthday poem

The birthday girl! Please forgive the face paint - I am not an artist. I thought it would be simple but the poor kids who had me paint their face ended up looking like they had a disease. At least the ears were cool! And here is her birthday poem:

My name is Tori and I'm seven so I'll say
I'd like 100 dresses for my special day
Going outside is a wonderful thing
Dad gets me "busy" spinning on the swing
Basketball is the latest sport for me
Fightin' the big girl is my specialty
My best friend changes every other week
It's usually the last girl with whom I speak
I haven't met a dog that I don't like
And I'll always have training wheels on my bike
I've liked to go shopping since the day I was born
My Mom got me addicted to Target popcorn
Last thing for me that's become a trend
I can read a book from beginning to end!

Some background info: Tori says "busy" instead of "dizzy" , a few weeks ago she couldn't find a dress to wear to church and was very upset and said she wanted 100 dresses for her birthday, when she plays defense, she calls it "fighting". She constantly amuses us with what comes out of her mouth, even though, according to her, she is not funny! Josh captured her perfectly.


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I love the poems!

I think she looked adorable!

I'm with you - I think the things kids come up with to say are just hilarious and so super entertaining. :)

Judy said...

haha...I was wondering what happended to her face. Just kidding. That poem does capture childhood. Great Job!

as for the busy/dizzy thing...MY SONS DO THAT TOO! The newest screw up word with them are taste bugs/taste buds. Kids are funny