Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bangs and bumps

Rachel had a rough day yesterday. We were getting into the van to go shopping and she was climbing into her seat while I buckled Owen. I saw her falter and then fall sideways out of her car seat onto the garage floor. I rushed over and picked her up and calmed her down. Her fingers were scraped up but I didn't notice anything else and she was settling down so I buckled her in, admonishing her to be careful. Then, as I looked in the rear view mirror while driving, I noticed a red mark on her forehead through her bangs. It looked like a pretty nasty bump. I looked when we got to the store and sure enough, there was a big goose egg on her forehead (which she keeps calling her "neck" for some reason). She didn't seem upset about it so we continued with our shopping trip and she got some tylenol when we got home.

Rachel's goose egg

Today at breakfast I noticed that her bangs, which have always been on the long side, were down to her mouth. I thought that was a little extreme so I trimmed them up a little. She liked shaking her head around and not having to worry about her hair in her eyes!

Rachel's new haircut!

Owen has had a fairly uneventful week so far. But here are some pictures so he doesn't feel left out.

He wouldn't really bite her toes, would he? Maybe just a nibble. And in his defense, he did tell her to move her feet.

Smiling for the camera!

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julie said...

Rachel looks so grown up with her hair like that! Very cute.