Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You've got to make the moment last

For those of you who aren't Simon and Garfunkel fans, the title of this post comes from their song "Feelin' Groovy", formally known as "The 59th Street Bridge Song". Life seems to be moving very fast lately and I'm trying to capture moments before they are gone. Owen and Rachel are growing up so quickly and I love watching their personalities unfold. I love that sometimes they still seem like a baby - wanting to be held, sucking their thumb and holding their blankie - and then other times they seem more like a big kid.

I walked through the living room today and saw Owen laying on the floor looking through his new Elmo coloring book. He had set up his little keyboard so he could listen to music while he was laying there. I could just imagine him doing something similar 10 years from now and I had to stop and record the moment. I just wanted this moment to last.

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Judy said...

this is sweet. I love this age. He is getting so big