Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not even close . . .

As I mentioned last week, I made out a meal plan and grocery list for this pay period. My goals were to spend less money, enjoy cooking more, and shop less. I am enjoying cooking more - I love having the meals planned out. I know before I said that I rebelled against meal plans (and that could still happen - it's fairly early) but I also think it helped that I looked at our calendar and tried to plan according to what was going on. I was so relieved yesterday to see sloppy joes on the plan for today. So simple!

I am also shopping less and just have to watch our milk, cereal and fruit supply. No big deal.

But as far as spending less money? Not even close. I have a couple theories about this.
1. We were running low on a lot of things and now that we're shopping at Sam's again (oh, happy day!), I'll be able to stock up and will eventually get ahead and then I'll see some savings.
2. I wasn't spending more than necessary before. This will be a little sad because I'd like to reduce our grocery budget without changing how and what we eat.
3. I bought too many groceries for 15 days.

Maybe it will be a combination of the three. I won't know for sure until after a couple more attempts. I can see where #3 could be true. Yesterday I had planned to make bami but Josh, Brendan and Tori ended up being gone during supper so I just fixed leftovers for Rachel, Owen and I. So I have an extra meal to stick in somewhere.

It's definitely something I want to continue doing. I like having a plan for meals and a detailed list when I go shopping. It allows me time to focus on other things, like what to post about next!


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I can really see the probability of #1 too - Like, I just went there and stocked up on paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, and dishwasher soap. I kind of wanted to cry when I was paying, BUT in the months to come when NONE of those things need to be bought (Yes, I'm sure it will be months!)Our spending bill on those things will be a nice big zero. :) Sometimes it looks like you've gone way off your budget, but then you have to look at the bigger picture. :)

I like reading about what you are doing to save money! We are really in a place where we need to pinch pennies, save, conserve, etc - so it is helpful to get good ideas

Angie said...

I'm hoping that happens but worry that we'll always need to stock up on something and then when we get done, it will be time to start all over again!

Jennifer said...

Every now and then, I have a week where I am out of a bunch of big stuff and my budget goes out the window. But then I won't need those things again for a few more months. I am trying to get better about anticipating it and stashing money a couple of paychecks ahead of that point of needing everything, but I have never gotten it quite right. I bet you will find that your 15 meals lasts for a few days longer, which will save you money in the end. Good luck!