Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Netflix junkie

I recently joined Netflix. Actually, this past Monday, to be exact. I had entered a drawing on a blog for a free month-long trial period and won. And then found out my brother is a subscriber and gets those deals to pass on all the time. Still, free is free so I signed up yesterday. Within 20 minutes, we have 26 dvd's in our queue and 2 in our "instant watch" section. I love netflix. We should be getting 3 movies to watch in the mail tomorrow and I can't wait. How exciting!

We've really gotten into renting movies lately so this is right up our alley. We were renting from our library (which is free) or from Redbox (only a $1) so I don't know that netflix will save us money. But (and this is HUGE) - we don't have to leave our house! And there is no due date!

They have a great selection. There was one movie in particular that I was curious to see if they had. I heard about it a couple of years ago but couldn't find it anywhere. Not only do they have it, it's an "instant watch" online so I can watch it whenever I want! I'll let you know what it is after I watch it and see if it's any good. :)

I found out there is this thing you can buy called a Roku that connects to your wireless connection and then you can watch anything on Netflix on your tv instead of your laptop. Very cool. Not because I hate watching movies on this screen - it's not that bad. But trying to have two people watch a movie on this screen is difficult - someone always has a glare or funny shadow on the screen. My speakers are not very loud and when I watch a movie on here, I can't check email, which drives me crazy. I think Roku will be going on my Christmas list.

I think when our trial month is over, we'll be signing up.


Jacob Hall said...

I'm not sure about your laptop ports or your tv inputs, but instead of buying something to do some wifi stuff on your tv, you can just buy a cord and connect your laptop to your tv, using it like a second monitor (depending on your video card capabilities). You can then set up your video to play on the tv, and still use your laptop monitor for extra activities. At the very least, you could just use your tv as a main monitor. Josh should know how to hook that stuff up :).

sideshowsam said...

you know a playstation will stream netflix, youtube, pandora and you can facebook from it + play games and it's a blu ray dvd player (and regular dvd) forget the roku and get a PS3...better investment!

Angie said...

That might have been a bit too expensive for Santa this year, Sam. :) Maybe in the future. And then we could still use the roku for another tv in the house.