Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brain Freeze

I was trying to post at least once a week but time really got away from me. Our family spent last week at a condo resort in Sheridan, Il, about one hour away from Chicago. It was a lovely week - sunshine, fairly mild temps for November, an indoor pool, spacious condos and time with family. I could not get my computer hooked up to the internet so there was no chance for blogging.

We got back Saturday late afternoon and unpacked and did laundry and raked leaves Saturday night and Sunday. Monday, I started potty-training.

I don't know why. I was tired of putting it off and just wanted to get it over with already. I was getting low on diapers and knew I'd have to buy more by the end of the week. So I just did it. It's gone okay. Owen has caught on very quickly and has only had two accidents since yesterday morning. Both were in the evenings when daddy was home. I'm not blaming daddy -I just think he's too much fun and Owen can't tear himself away. We'll have to take breaks during playtime.

Rachel is not having an easy time. She does not want to wet her pants and she understands what she needs to do. But she really doesn't like to go on the potty for some reason and tries to hold it as long as she can. Yesterday I was very frustrated with her. Today I was more calm and patient and expected it. I'm hoping that by being consistent and gently encouraging her, she'll eventually settle down and accept it.

With all of this going on, I haven't really wanted to think about coupons or finding deals this week. I hit up Aldi on Sunday and was once again thrilled with how cheap I can get a cart full of groceries. There is only so much energy and brain power and sometimes it must be allocated to different areas.

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