Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When it just "clicks"

I think as a parent you often wait for the moment when it just "clicks". When you're waiting for a baby to sleep through the night. When you're waiting for a toddler to drink from a sippy cup and give up the bottle. When you're waiting for a child to learn how to use the potty. When you're waiting for a child to learn how to read. Or add.

There are many things you can do to encourage them and guide them but until it clicks, it's a struggle. It's a lesson in patience and working with your child's personality while also maintaining your status as the parent.

It clicked today for Rachel.

Yesterday, she was a drama queen every time I told her to try to go potty. She'd cry and stand up right away, insisting she was done when she hadn't "done" anything. I was gentle but also insistent that she sit down for a few more minutes.

Today, when I told her we'd try using the potty in a little bit, she calmly said okay. Then she went in and sat down and all of a sudden, it clicked. Her eyes lit up, she gasped out loud and said, "Mommy, Rachie peeing!" And we all sang the Hallelujah chorus. Now, she has gone on the potty several times. But it was under much duress. For some reason, her body just tried to hold it in instead of letting it go. Sorry if that is too much information. Today she was able to let it go. And oh, the joy that brought to this house.

Every time I told her to try, she didn't even bat an eye. She just went in there and did her business. And then, wonder of all wonders, she started going without me even asking.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are now free to leave the house and go anyplace you would like. As long as there are public restrooms available. (and please don't forget a plastic bag and an extra change of clothes - just in case)

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Anonymous said...

Hooray, Rachie!! (And Mommy too!)
Aunt Jen B