Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello, December

I don't know if it's because of the weather (a mild, sunny day on Dec. 1 in Michigan?) but it doesn't feel like December to me. Maybe it's because we don't have any decorations up. Maybe it's because I have very little shopping done. Maybe I'm in denial.

I'm not a grinch - I love Christmas. I might just love it more if I was a little more organized.

Every year, I decide that it will be different the next. I will print out lists and follow all those helpful tips on how to get everything done ahead of time. I will write down gift ideas for people right away and not wait until the last minute for inspiration to strike. I will enjoy the holiday season and breeze through with no stress at all.

And every year, that does not happen.

This year is no exception. Except I did make one change. I decided to create an address database for Christmas cards and print the labels instead of writing them by hand. I started messing around on the computer and actually found one that I had done about 5 years ago! (I thought this idea felt familiar!) There were some that had to be deleted and some that need to be changed and several to be added - but it was a great start. And it made the idea of Christmas cards so much less stressful.

So maybe I can change one thing each year to make it better. And maybe I can let go of some unrealistic expectations and just enjoy the moments of the season. Take an extra long drive in the van on the way home from the store with the kids so we can look at the lights. Put up decorations when we're not in a hurry so we can enjoy the process. Watch timeless Christmas specials, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate. Find new traditions to begin. Oh, the possibilities this month holds!

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