Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas times a'comin

All it took was a little shopping. Okay, maybe a cart full. But now I am in the Christmas spirit. I think it's hard for me to get excited about Christmas when there aren't presents purchased yet. I stress about when to buy presents and what to buy and all that good stuff. But then, once a lot of shopping is done, I just can't wait for Christmas morning to be able to give those presents!

Saturday, I went shopping with a friend and decided to see what I could get done. I found a lot of neat things and came home ready to decorate! Now the tree is up, the outside lights are up and our spare room in the basement is locked to keep out curious eyes.

It was a lot of fun getting decorations out this year. Everytime I opened up a storage tub, I had two little toddlers standing over it saying, "Oooh, cuuute!" and "I love this!". How can you not get into the holiday spirit with that kind of enthusiasm?

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