Friday, January 22, 2010

All by myself

I have had the luxury of being in my house by myself the last couple of days. Thursday morning I met my parents half way between their house and mine and they took the kids home with them. I came back here and did a little cleaning and then went out for lunch with Josh. When I got back home, I decided to deep-clean the fridge. The radio was playing, there were no interruptions, no need to hurry and get done before naptime. After that, I did some shopping and baking. Josh came home for supper and then he left to teach a college class and I was on my own again.

Today has been similar. I've done some cleaning, a little shopping and then just enjoyed time on my own. It's been such a nice break and so relaxing. I've watched a couple of movies, lounged around in bed this morning, read a little and gotten a few projects done. It doesn't take long to clean when there isn't anyone here getting things out.

And as wonderful as it's been, it's helped me appreciate my normal life. I miss my kids and our normal daily routine!

Tonight, Josh and I are going out. Tomorrow we'll sleep in and leisurely get ready. And then we'll go bring our kids home. Until then, I'll enjoy the quiet.

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Jami Liz said...

If you keep talking like this, you'll make your sister insanely jealous I think!