Friday, March 8, 2013

Exercise, weight loss and food

Most of the time I'm okay with how I look.  There are always areas that could use improvement but for the most part, I'm happy with how things are.  In January, I started to get a little unhappy with some areas.  There were some things that were gradually increasing in size and number and I didn't like it.  My first response was to eat more junk because I felt bummed.  That was not helpful.  My second response was to find a blog with a 90-day fitness challenge and commit to doing that.  Much more helpful.  I started and was faithfully doing the work-outs every day.  Around day 21, my lower back was really sore.  I tried to stretch it out better and kept on doing the work-outs.  I also had not lowered any numbers.  I decided to give up pop and see if that helped those pesky numbers go down.

On day 29, my back pain was much worse, the numbers had not moved and I was missing pop.  I decided to stop the exercises until I wasn't in pain.  After a few days of that, I was drinking pop again.  The numbers started moving but it was in the wrong direction.  The back pain was not any better after a week of not exercising.

I went to a chiropractor and discovered my spine goes left towards the bottom and that apparently messes up a lot of things down there.  I was told it'd be best to not exercise for awhile so I started using a calorie-counter app called my fitness pal.  My goal was to leave enough calories at the end of the day so I could still have a pop and popcorn.  That afternoon I had a strange sensation - it was hunger!  I realized I hadn't felt that in awhile.  After a week of staying within my goal (except for two days of going over), my numbers are finally moving in the right direction.  It's good to see progress and I am excited to think about what will happen when I can start working out again!

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