Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No More Monkeys!

A few days ago, Rachel came downstairs, very excited.  "Mom!  You have to come up to our room and see this!"  She was smiling and I thought maybe they cleaned their room as a surprise or found something that had been missing.  Surely it was something great.  I walked into their room and it was still a mess, so option A was out.  Then I noticed Tori's bed was looking a bit odd.  Rachel then says, "Tori and me were jumping on the bed and IT BROKE!"  Hmm, yes, it did.  And that is exactly why we do NOT JUMP ON BEDS!

What were they thinking?  They have been told this before.  Josh looked at it when he came home and said he could fix it but he wouldn't trust it as a bunk bed again.  So instead of fixing it, we are throwing that frame away and Tori is currently sleeping on her mattress on the floor while we look at other options.  I am loving some white bed frames with drawers underneath.  But they don't have white dressers.  And I'm not sure I want to get a whole new bedroom set for both.  Tori might be on the floor for awhile.  And now, ironically, she can jump on her bed all she wants.  But I'm not telling her that.

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