Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Food

I have been going back and forth about this idea for awhile now.  This idea of only eating real food.  There are some differences of opinion about what that means exactly but the rules I've read say anything in it's pure form and nothing with more than 5 ingredients.  It is also supposed to be whole grain.  I know that processed food isn't good for me.  But it felt like a big jump - to stop eating all processed food and only eat real food?  So I made up my own rules and decided to just slowly ease into it.

Haha.  We did that for a couple months and then, instead of easing into real food, we were easing back into processed food.  Why?  Because it's easy and it's what I know.  When I'm stumped with what to cook for dinner, I can think of many recipes using processed food because it's what I've always done.  And then because we were still eating some processed food, it was harder to say no to the doritos or candy.

I'd like to make more of an effort this time.  There is a 10-day challenge and I'm thinking about it.  It would mean no coffee creamer, no mt dew and no candy.  It would mean some special trips to the store.  But it would also mean a break from some bad habits - like cereal or pop-tarts for breakfast.  And my kids do love smoothies.

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