Friday, August 29, 2008

A Day With Aunt Jenny and Uncle Matt

On Thursday last week I met my sister halfway with the kids. We did a little shopping and had lunch and then Brendan and Tori went to her house for a couple days. They were really excited about going - Tori was lamenting that it was only 2 days and said she wanted to live there. It's okay, I'm tough. :) Besides, I know how she feels - I like having Aunt Jenny to myself, too. It's like a mini-vacation for the kids when they go there. She plans the menus around their favorite foods and always picks at least one neat place to go.

This time they went to a place in the mall called Ridemakerz, where you build your own car. The cars are really cool and the kids had a blast. They also went to a sports store and each got a basketball. Thanks Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny!


Julie Durocher said...

Sweet! Those cars are so cool! What a great idea. Where is that mall?

Angie said...

The mall is in Indianapolis but there is also one of those stores in Detroit somewhere.