Thursday, August 14, 2008

Owen's 1st Haircut

This was not my idea at all. I absolutely loved his adorable curls in the back. But last Friday night when I gave him a bath, I saw that when his hair was wet, it went down to his back, past his neck. I hoped Josh wouldn't notice. Then I made the mistake of having Josh comb his hair and he made several comments about how ridiculously long it was. I decided it'd be better if I cut it and could control how much was cut rather than having Josh take him somewhere and getting it cut really short. So on Saturday morning, we got him all set up.
I don't care what Josh says, I didn't think he looked like a girl at all. He did very well and sat still, except when I was ready to cut. Then he'd turn and try to see what I was doing with those scissors so close to his head. :) He also decided it was as good a time as any to suck his thumb.
It wasn't the most even hair cut but there are some curls left and Josh seems satisfied. I'd like to take him to a professional to get it evened out but now I have pictures for the scrapbook and the hair clippings in a bag so nothing needs to be documented.
Doesn't he look like a little man? Except for the thumb sucking. :) He is just the sweetest and yet, most exasperating, little boy. He does not listen and seems to have to learn lessons the hard way and that doesn't even always work! I will be so frustrated with him but then as soon as I pick him up, he puts his thumb in his mouth and gently pats my back. How can you stay upset with that?
If I start going gray, I'm blaming it on him. :) Just today, he has climbed on the table 4 times and tried to grab a pan on the stove while it was hot. I think Rachel would be a very well-behaved little girl if it were not for his bright ideas. She was also on the table but tried to scoot off as fast as she could when she saw me coming. He is either defiant and doesn't care that he's not supposed to be on there or he hasn't figured it out yet. I don't know what would be better. :)


Judy Crawford said...

That is so funny. It seemed like my boys grew up when their curls got cut off. I promise...this baby is NOT going to get a haircut until people mistake him for a girl. p/s/ my kids also became stinkers when they got their first haircuts. I think there is some truth to changing of the attitudes..

Wendi said...

So cute! There is something about that first haircut that always makes them look so grown up.
I hear ya on the crazy antics of todlers... :)