Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just like Daddy

We spent last week at my uncle's vacation resort up north. He bought it last fall and has been working on fixing it up. Our family has been taking a vacation every year together and this year it was a "working vacation", with more work than vacation, thanks in part to the weather. That was okay, we knew we were working for better vacations in the future and still enjoyed being together. I say "we" but I didn't do much besides chase a couple toddlers around and check in on the older two every so often.

One of the projects Josh worked on was clearing a trail down to the lake. Owen was his little helper and loved carrying big sticks up the trail, just like daddy.

"I got it, dad."
Off to get more sticks.

Taking a break to throw some stones in the lake.

If you're looking for a great place in northern Michigan to vacation for the summer, you should check out Pines of Paradise!


Jacob Hall said...

Wow Ang, that place is really shaping up! I just wenth through their website and looked at all the progress pics and read the reports, and your family has done a TON of work up there. It looks like a pretty nice place to have a vacation...do they have any plans to add more acreage and maybe some camping sites as well?

Angie said...

There is actually talk of doing just that but nothing set in stone yet. It was already way better than what it was when we stayed there 6 or 7 years ago and there is still more he wants to have done.

Julie Durocher said...

that's awesome!
Looks like a great place to stay! We will have to check it out sometime.