Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Most people would say I'm not rebellious. I tend to follow rules and don't like to get in trouble. Outwardly, I stay between the lines. But inwardly, that is a different story. There is a part of me that wants to be different and break some rules. So when I make up a list of meals for the week, I start out following it like a good little girl and then around day 4, I begin to rebel.

I don't want to have that for supper, that doesn't sound good at all, who says I have to have that, what if I don't thaw the meat?

The meals left for this week are fondue, chicken garlic pasta, and bar-b-q beef. None of those sound good or particularly easy. We just had bami tonight and it was good but I don't want another chicken dish with noodles. Fondue is a little time consuming and I haven't put the beef in the crock pot yet for bar-b-q beef. So tomorrow might be something not on the meal plan. Hear my rebel yell.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Magic Tide works for the unrebellious. ha, DAD

julie said...

I think all PKs like to be rebellious once in a while...even if it is just inwardly! You should be proud of yourself for making up a weekly menu...I don't usually get that far! And it's Friday...make something that sounds good to you!