Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 27


Thankful for:

- a calm day in the nursery. We have had some doozies so I do not take this lightly.

- getting to work in the nursery with good friends - lots of laughs and lots of help.

- the chance to get to know a young lady from church and talking for almost 2 hours about how to be a wise woman in God's eyes and also what kind of music we like. Could have easily talked longer. Very thankful for this opportunity.

- putting up our Christmas tree and decorations and watching the kids put up ornaments. I only moved a few, honest. Not only are they so pretty to look at, but it makes the season less stressful knowing that part is done and not having to find a time to do that. Now I'm in the mood for making Christmas cookies and snow and planning other fun events.

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