Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 2

Day 2 of our schooling adventure this year. Horseback riding lessons for the girls, recycling with Owen (and doing some math lessons while we're doing it - placement values were on his brain today), Brendan doing science for Pioneers (on his own - didn't say a word), Rachel and Owen doing sign language flash cards for Pioneers (again, on their own), Tori practicing her sign language for Pioneers ...(yup, on her own), Tori and Brendan both requesting a regular math class for the year (even tho they complain, they still want it!), Owen and Brendan playing a geography game and asking if they can take it with them this weekend when they visit their grandparents. None of this was my idea - none. I am here to help and provide boundaries and ideas when needed. This is going spectacularly well.
This was another facebook post.  We had Pioneers on Wednesday and this was Thursday.  The thing that's throwing me is the whole math thing.  All the kids have said they want to do math.  I am torn.  I want them to know math, obviously, but don't want to become a slave to a curriculum and feel like we "should" do a lesson every day.  (There's that darn "should" syndrome).  The day went really well and I can see where learning just naturally occurs in so many areas.  Just not sure what to do about math. 

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