Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 4

The girls have been having horseback riding lessons on Thursday mornings.  Thursday was always a hard day last year because we were all exhausted from Pioneers and Awana on Wednesdays.  So this seems to be working out okay - it's more of a low-key morning and the girls are riding horses and I run errands or have some quiet time while the boys stay home and have some quiet time.  They aren't allowed to play video games or watch tv so they can read or play regular games.  When we got home today, the boys were playing a geography game. 

I don't know if much actual "school" took place today.  Brendan might have done his science - I really don't know.  I ran on the treadmill after lunch and then took a shower and I know his books were on the couch at one point. 

Tori took Teaching Textbooks 6 to Pioneers to work on it in study hall and said she needs to practice multiplication.  This is huge.  This is her deciding that she wants to be better at math and identifying what is holding her back.  We're going to play some card and dice games and look at the multiplication chart.  She's reading Mockingjay (book 3 of the Hunger Games series) and discussing it with me occasionally.  She is loving her photography class.  Their assignment this week is to take action shots so she was going to go to the boys drop-in basketball game tonight until she was invited to a football game tomorrow night and decided to take pictures there instead. 

We started reading The Child's Story Bible at lunch every day.  I have been wanting to do a devotional with them but didn't want to make everyone get up at a certain time.  But we're usually all home for lunch so this should work out well. 

The neighbor kids only had a half day of school today and even though it was chilly, it was still nice out so I told the kids they could play. 

Tori talked to the other girl at horseback riding and she said that whenever she gets extra money, she pay for an extra lesson.  Now Tori has a goal and knows what she wants to do with her babysitting money. 

When I first sat down to write about today, I couldn't think of anything educational that had happened today.  There really is so much that just happens all around us, sometimes when we don't even realize it. 

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