Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Family Activity

Up until recently, we only had one child bike seat on the back of Josh's bike. I didn't want one on the back of my bike because I question my sense of balance. So Josh would take Rachel or Owen for a bike ride and have to take turns and I would stay here with the other one. We decided to look for a bike trailer and mentioned it to my parents and they knew of a family who had one they were no longer using. Ask and you shall receive!

We've used it several times already and it's so nice to have. Now we can all go on bike rides together and no one gets left behind. It's also something Josh can do with all the kids when I'm gone. I would feel guilty sometimes because Tori would ask to go on a bike ride in the evenings but if I was going to be gone, then they couldn't go. Now nothing holds them back but the weather.

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