Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay, I have been tagged and I never even had a chance to run! :) I don't have a big base of people I know who blog - there are only 3. And of the 3, one tagged me and one was tagged by her! So that leaves one, who I will tag at the end of this post. I do have one more friend who blogs but she has said she doesn't really get "into" the blogging world so I won't tag her. :)

Here's how it works:
- post the rules on your blog
- write 6 random things about yourself
- tag 6 people at the end of your post
- if you are tagged, just do it and pass the tag along!

Okay, 6 random things:

1. I know how to knit! I just learned a year ago last summer and really enjoy it. So far I've done dishcloths and am working on a blanket. At my current pace, it should be ready by the time Brendan is old enough for college. I do enjoy knitting but can't do it while typing on the computer or eating or reading a book - so, it doesn't get done that often.

2. I have started downloading Mark Driscoll's podcasts from Mars Hill church in Seattle, WA, and love them. He is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable of the scriptures. I normally pick music over "talk" but he and Dave Ramsey are my choice for talk now.

3. I am a list person. I love writing out things to do and then checking them off. I try to keep some paper and a pen with me at all times just in case I think of something to write down.

4. I really like to laugh. I like movies that are romantic comedies because I like to laugh and leave with a smile on my face. I enjoy going to comedy clubs, although those are sometimes a gamble whether the comedian will truly be funny or not. I tend to pick friends who have a good sense of humor and enjoy laughing, too. And I love spending time with family and laughing at shared memories.

5. I love Chicago! I just went there twice in the last week and would go again in a heartbeat. The city is beautiful and I love walking around and finding something new everytime I go. I don't think I'm a city gal but if I had to be, I think I'd pick Chicago.

6. I would love to go to Ireland and Italy someday. And I don't want to just do the "touristy" stuff. I want to see what it would be like as a local - what they eat, where they shop, how they live. I found out my grandma's great-grandparents were both born in Ireland so there is some connection there.

Okay, there you have it - 6 random things about me. And now, drum roll, I tag . . .

1. Wendi!

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