Sunday, January 11, 2009

Living in a library

I have always loved libraries, book stores and office supply stores. Something about a written word, pages to turn, and pens to write with just fill me with peace. Even in this computer age and my new (well, a year old) laptop, I still prefer to have a planner I can write on, not type on. When I went to the used bookstore in downtown Jackson for the first time, I honestly walked in, looked around at the hundreds and hundreds of books and felt my whole body relax. I told Josh to feel free to leave and come back for me in a few hours. He toughed it out with me. I can't really explain the pull that books have on me. That's why this new addition to our living room is so very special to me.

We went to IKEA a week ago and bought a bookshelf unit. It's one that you can build to fit the space you have. We had it all figured out and then forgot to get one component. Because of the snow of this weekend, our plans to get back to IKEA were thwarted so Josh and Brendan went this afternoon. They were in and out of there in 15 minutes. There is no way that would have happened with me along. Josh got it put together and I started filling the bookshelves.

Behold, my new library space!

I am loving all those empty shelves! I have a tub of books in the basement and boxes in the garage so it won't take long to fill them. There is also a cd tower in the middle. I need to start budgeting for our next IKEA trip. :) You may have noticed there are more shelves to go up on the bigger unit - I just haven't finished it yet.

Speaking of budgeting, I spoke too soon on my last post. I went over budget this time. I was disappointed because it was the first of the year and I wanted to start out so well. I'm over it now and moving on and trying to re-focus for next time.

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Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

OOHH! I love it! You must be so pleased to be able to bring the peacefulness of a librabry to your home. It's such a beautiful piece of furniture too. Where is IKEA??? I keep hearing about it and so want to go.