Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Fun

We finished our morning school work early today so Brendan and Tori asked if they could play outside. While they were getting ready, Owen and Rachel were watching them and looking for their boots. I am really not an outdoor person in the winter. But there have not been many times that Rachel and Owen have been able to play outside this year so I bundled them up. I never did find snowpants for Owen so instead he wore a pair of Rachel's warm tights (no picture but maybe next time!) with a pair of lined track pants over them. He was still warm and dry when we came in so I guess they worked.

They had an absolute blast. Owen was in the snow right away and wanted it all over him. Rachel had fun walking around but only in the shoveled areas. I did manage to get her to sit on Tori's lap for a picture. Owen could not be bothered to look at the camera - he was far too interested in the snow.

Kid-sized shovels are the best!

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Jennifer said...

that looks like fun, we have been enjoying lots of snow here too.