Friday, June 20, 2008

Almost There!

We made it to my parents house and have everything all packed. So far, I've only forgotten one thing - bug spray. My sister and her husband arrived here around 4:30 this afternoon. My brother and his girlfriend were here for supper - it was nice to all be together. I just love my family. They are funny and kind and helpful and supportive. I feel so blessed that the people I like to be around the best are the ones I get to spend holidays with.

Getting things ready for vacation was a little stressful. I like to be prepared for anything so our truck was packed to the limit. I sometimes think of myself as a minimalist but then the truth comes out. I like to have stuff. I think "stuff" will make rainy days or long trips better. I don't like to spend a lot of money on stuff, which is why I love garage sales. But all the stuff in the world can't make a 16-month-old stop crying when buckled in her car seat. If the short trip today is any indication of the trip tomorrow, it will be a long day for Rachel and all those riding with her. How I wish I knew what would make her happy!

I keep wondering how this vacation will be different from last year with Rachel and Owen being older. They are definitely more active, which means that I will have to be more active. Thank goodness for naptime and bedtime. It will be so much fun watching them get to know cousins and aunts and uncles, playing in the lake, and just being able to run around more. Whew - I'm getting tired just thinking about it. Did I mention that I appreciate naptime and bedtime? :)

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Wendi said...

Hahaha - not laughing at you, laughing with you. :) Just really not envying the trip...Been there done that, will do it again, but still not my favorite. :)
By the way, love your music!! I was so glad when David Cook won AI. He was my favorite from pretty early on. I also love a great rockin guitar. :)
Praying that Rachel finds some kind of toddler joy as she rides in the truck and is settled and content. :)