Thursday, June 19, 2008

In my ballet shoes

Tori is probably the child least like me. Although I wouldn't say she's like Josh, either. :) She reminds me more of my sister than anyone. She loves dressing up and wearing skirts and frilly things. I still hate wearing anything other than jeans. She doesn't mind getting up in front of people to perform. I wouldn't say it's her favorite thing to do but if it's with a group, she does really well. She can be shy but she can also be very outgoing and talk to complete strangers about everything and anything on her mind.
She doesn't like to be funny, which is too bad because she's often hilarious. Just her way of looking at things or wording things is so unique. Hopefully someday she'll appreciate her sense of humor. The odd thing is that she likes to make people laugh but gets offended if you say she's funny or silly.
She is always up for any shopping trip. It doesn't matter if it's to the grocery store or Target (always hopeful for popcorn) or to Lowe's. Tori also has this really sweet nurturing side to her. Whenever she is given any kind of treat, she always takes two and gives one to Brendan. And if she only gets one, she'll often ask if he wants part of it.
That is a short description of an indescribable girl. :)

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