Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm going to give this a try and see how it goes. So often I think of things I want to write but never take the time to get a journal and write it down. But I'm always on this computer! So we'll see if any of my deep thoughts can make their way to print. And if they seem deep after I get them out of my head. I've read so many great blogs lately and feel the urge to get in on it. I chose the title of my blog, More Than It Seems, for two reasons. One, I feel that there is much more to me than what people think and I want to be honest and open with others to give them a chance to know me. What they do after that is up to them. Two, I know the same is true for everyone - there are so many layers and parts to everyone than what is visible and I want to be daily reminded of that and look beyond the obvious. Okay, there are three reasons - I really like the song, More Than It Seems, by Kutless.

My husband, Josh, always jokes when I write email that I am writing a book so this might be a better venue for me. I've twittered, too, but get frustrated because I run out of characters so quickly!

ps - "twitter" is a website - www.twitter.com You can register and search for other friends and ask them to "follow" you so on your home page you can read what they're doing. You only get 140 characters for each response, although you can respond as often as you want. Those 140 characters get used up in a hurry!

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Judy Crawford said...

Be prepared...blogging can get addicting. I found your blog through your facebook.
Good to see you are doing well with 4 kids!!!
I am on #3. Very much a surprise.