Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Owen and Rachel have this whole range of facial expressions that I absolutely love. Owen's eyebrow tends to raise up, which gives him this skeptical look. I don't even know how to describe Rachel's expressions. She's good at making her face do all kinds of things! She can go from a sweet, shy smile with pursed lips, to a full-blown pout with tear-filled eyes in minutes. Very dramatic and emotional. I will concede that probably comes from me but I tend to be more private with my emotions. She wants the world to know! Owen will get angry but then gets over it and moves on to other things. I love watching them interact with their completely different personalities.

Rachel is very cautious and wants to know the details of a situation before she decides to try it. (It's scary how much she sounds like me when I try to describe her) Owen just jumps into anything headfirst. I think his motto is, "act first, think later". We could have some interesting times ahead with him! Maybe they will complement each other - he'll encourage Rachel to try some new experiences and she'll encourage him to slow down and think. I can always hope. :)

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