Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is it possible? They're two!

My sweet little twin babies are now two. My mind cannot grasp this. I was so ready for them to turn one. My shoulders relaxed and I seriously felt them drop about 2 inches on their 1st birthday. I had no idea I had been that stressed. Not that the first year was all bad. I remember so many sweet, precious things. And I loved watching them grow up and change. But I always felt like I had to be ready for the next phase - eating solid food, crawling, drinking from a sippy cup, learning to eat table food, drinking milk. There was always something new to think about.

Then they turned one and had gotten the hang of most of that and I could relax. Well, mentally. Physically, I was more active, chasing them and keeping an eye on them and making sure things didn't end up in the toilet.

It has been a really fun year and I am not quite ready for them to be two. Two means becoming more independent and potty-training and possibly moving out of the crib into a toddler bed. Oh, my. I'll have to work at keeping my shoulders relaxed this year. There are definitely things to look forward to - I'm looking forward to hearing them talk more and more. I love hearing them talk to each other. They have a unique relationship and it is truly heart-warming to see them make each other laugh.

Josh started writing little poems for the kids a few years ago and this year he did one for Rachel and Owen for the first time. He said he had to wait for their personality to develop more. He had lots to work with this year!

Owen's birthday poem from daddy:
My name is Owen and I'm two to date
But I think that my birthday is on my plate
I'm pretty sure that I've got a good arm
I throw stuff at Dad and cause him harm
I hope you like to read to me
I'll bring you books until I'm three
My middle name is the next thing I'll say
Since I hear it from my mom almost every day
Rachel is the boss as we make our rounds
Even though I outweigh her by seven pounds
Watch me close and prepare to get tough
'Cause I love to walk around and mess with stuff!

Rachel's birthday poem from daddy:

My name is Rachel and today I'm two
I wish my fingers could show you it's true
My bangs are so long they are in my eye
They get all wet whenever I cry
I'll tell you a story when you come out
But you won't understand what I'm talking about
I like to play with my dolls and it shows
As they lay around the house without their clothes
Owen and I are always on the go
We empty our dresser and say no-no
I'll help you out with whatever you do
'Cause my favorite phrase is "thank you"!

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Jennifer said...

What cute kids, I always thought twins would be fun.