Saturday, February 28, 2009

Books I've Read

I think it'd be nice to keep a list this year of the books I've read, not just the ones I hope to read. By the way, I think Anna Karenina is out. I tried really hard but just cannot get into that book. I don't feel very sympathetic towards the characters and at this point, could care less what happens to them. If someone has read it and thinks it's worth it, please try to convince me to finish it!

So far, in 2009, I have read the following:

The Host, Stephenie Meyer
The Girl Who Could Fly, Victoria Forester
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
For One More Day, Mitch Albom
The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan
Pretty Is What Changes, Jessica Queller
The Year of Fog, Michelle Richmond
Happy Housewives, Darla Shine
Smart vs. Pretty, Valerie Frankel

Hmm, did you notice that so far I have not finished any of the 5 books from my list? I have now started 3 of them. As I mentioned before though, I am crossing Anna Karenina off. I'll replace it with something else. Maybe Wuthering Heights? I'll let you know.

By the way, my new book shelves are almost completely full now. I love looking at them but it is also a bit sad. I loved the challenge of filling them. I suppose now I should focus on reading the books.

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