Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take the good, leave the rest

I took the kids to the library yesterday and now have so many books I want to read! I know, what else is new? :) I know there are some I will read on my own with no problem. One of them is The Host, the newest book from Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer. But there are others that I want to read but perhaps need more motivation to actually finish. I decided to set a goal of reading one chapter a day. This is in addition to my morning Bible study that is actually going really well.

I have decided to read through Happy Housewives first. Today I read chapter 3 and was once again reminded that I may not always agree with everything an author says but that does not mean I need to throw the whole book out. She had some good points but seemed to focus on looks and being thin too much in this chapter. I didn't disagree totally but felt myself cringing at times when I was reading.

I think in the past I may have quit reading at this point and probably would have picked up another book but told myself I'd get back to the first book at some point. I'm glad that I've decided to keep reading it and look forward to see what she says in chapter 4 tomorrow. It's amazing how much easier it seems to finish a book if you just break it down to a chapter a day.

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