Friday, February 20, 2009


Whatever Owen had appears to be short-lived. He made it through the night just fine and ate breakfast like nothing was wrong. After breakfast his stomach seemed to be bothering him but he never did get sick. Then around 11, Tori asked about a snack and he immediately went to the cupboard and started saying "snack". I wasn't sure if this was wise but decided to go ahead and give him a cracker. He drank 2 cups of water and ate a cracker and has perked up a lot.

Josh had told me last night that he could handle a sick kid and that I would still go this weekend but I had still been hesitant. I'm now feeling optimistic and packing my stuff. :)

Hooray for time with friends and a husband who is comfortable being home with the kids!

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Judy Crawford said...

glad things are better in the hall household!