Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready for better things

This has been a rough week. Owen and Rachel have been taking an antibiotic for their ear infections and it was causing a severe diaper rash for Rachel. Tuesday she refused to eat anything and was very lethargic. I started giving her probiotic yogurt and was able to stop the antibiotic yesterday for her so she is almost back to 100%. Her bottom is still a little sore but she doesn't cry anymore when I change her diaper and she's eating normal and energetic.

I was planning to go away this weekend with some friends to South Haven to stay in a condo there that is owned by a friend's parents. Tonight Owen threw up twice. :( It could be from the antibiotic - vomiting and upset stomach are possible side effects. Or it could be a nasty virus that will spread through the whole family. There is nothing to do but wait and see. I had hoped to get a lot done tonight before leaving tomorrow but now think I'll just wait and get things done tomorrow if I end up being able to go. Somehow it's worse to not go after you get all packed.

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