Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When my parents came down a couple weeks ago, one of my goals was to get the basement cleaned out. My mom helped clean and put things back in order while I went through the piles of stuff and my dad carried out many boxes and storage tubs. Then when that was all done, we had enough room to bring in this slide that had been sitting out in the garage! Rachel and Owen are the perfect age for this right now.

Hmm, that's not Rachel and Owen. :) I guess you're never too old to enjoy a slide. Brendan and Tori thought it was the perfect spot to sit together and play their video games.

Rachel and Owen were so excited when they saw it! They quickly discovered that not only was it a slide, but also worked as a makeshift trampoline. I love it when they come up with more ways to possibly get injured. :)

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