Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Typical Day

This seems kind of a risky post to write. When do we ever have a typical day around here? But there does seem to be a pattern or routine that we've followed fairly well for the past month or so. There are more things I'd like to add to our routine (namely, chores for Brendan and Tori) but I'm trying to be patient and be happy with what we are getting done. I'm going to try and give you a breakdown of a typical day around here.

7:00 - I get up and shower and then eat breakfast while reading my Bible study book and the Bible. If I have time, I'll also do some cleaning or put a load of laundry in the washer.

8:00 - the kids get up and eat breakfast. While they are eating, I check email and clean up the kitchen or get laundry going.

8:30 - Brendan and Tori get dressed, Rachel and Owen get cleaned up from breakfast.

8:45 - Brendan and Tori start school. We've been doing handwriting, math, and language arts in the morning. Then we separate for reading and to work on Awana verses. Brendan gets a little break while I listen to Tori read and work with her on her verses and then Tori gets a little break while I work with Brendan. About every 10 minutes, I am checking on Rachel and Owen to see what they are doing or why they are crying. I try to direct them to sit at their little table and play with puzzles or look at books or to play in their room upstairs so they are not sitting with us at the big table and getting into school stuff. Some days go better than others. The past few days have not gone well because they have both been sick and need extra cuddle time.

10:00 - Our morning school work is now done. Brendan and Tori will play outside or upstairs or downstairs and will often include Rachel and Owen. If not, I will read to them for a bit and also try to keep laundry going if I'm really on the ball.

12:00 - Lunch time.

1:00 - Rachel and Owen go up for a nap around now. Brendan and Tori have history and science at this time. We also have our read-aloud time. Right now we're reading Henry Huggins.

2:00 - Brendan and Tori go up to their room for rest time and look at books. Ideally, this is when I would get some major cleaning done but more often I end up taking a nap, checking email or reading.

3:00 - Brendan and Tori get up from rest time.

3:30 - 4:00 - Rachel and Owen usually wake up sometime around here. We have snack time and then before too long, I'm making dinner and waiting for Josh to come home.

Overall, it is working out very well for us. I hope to improve my time management skills and to get Brendan and Tori more involved in helping out but am happy with where we are right now. I have time to get things done and time to relax. They have time to get their school work done and lots of time to play and relax. I know there is more we could do for school but I wanted to focus on the basics this year and not try to do too much. I'd rather do one thing and do it well than have us try to do too much and not do anything well. I have added a couple things now that our routine has gotten better and next year I think we can add even more. It also helps that Brendan is becoming more of an independent worker. I really do enjoy my days with them.

*I wrote this last night, knowing today would not be a typical day! Rachel and Owen had their 2-year check-ups and both had ear infections. The dr was surprised they weren't in more pain and said tonight could be bad. We did manage to get school done but it has been anything but typical around here! Hoping for a better day tomorrow . . .*

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