Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A weekend away

The weekend away with friends was wonderful. It was full of laughter, good conversations, delicious food and the chance to relax without a set schedule. We did venture out in the snow Saturday afternoon for a little bit to visit the shops in downtown South Haven and there was a used bookstore!!!

We returned home early Sunday afternoon and Brendan had been sick since that morning. The "sick-to-his-stomach" kind of sick. He was starting to feel a little better so I unpacked, started laundry and cleaned the bathroom. Josh had been cleaning up after him but I felt better after thoroughly cleaning it. Around supper time, Brendan was hungry so he ate some toast with peanut butter and kept it down. He had been drinking some coke throughout the day to try and help with the nausea, too. Tori said she wished she was sick so she could have a pop. "The grass is always greener . . . "

No one has been sick since so here's hoping it was contained and is now banished from this house.

The only bad thing about our weekend away is that it's over now. I was ready to come home but loved having that time away to look forward to. Sometimes this love of planning is a curse. My mind keeps saying, "What next?" I'm sure I'll find something to plan soon.

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