Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All By Myself

Our family camping trip this weekend will be slightly different than originally planned. Josh found out on Tuesday that he would have to work. I was still holding out hope that things would change but he said today that even if work gets better, he still has to stay around in case something goes wrong. Now, of course, I'm hoping that he works a lot this weekend so he can at least get overtime pay if he can't go on vacation with us.

My first immediate thought was that I would cancel our reservation and have to break the news to the kids. I knew they'd be disappointed but figured they'd get over it. Then I started to consider taking the kids by myself. Josh's family will be there and I know they'll help when possible but there will still be a lot for me to do on my own. After thinking it through, I think with a little organization and prep work done ahead of time, we'll be okay. It won't be as relaxing and I'll miss him a lot but we'll be okay. I'm still really upset with his employer for making this mandatory but we'll be okay.

We used to own a camper but sold it last summer for various reasons. I had thought that maybe someday we'd go tent camping as a family and thought it would so much simpler than packing a camper full of things. Apparently, it is impossible to be prepared for every possible situation (which is what I like to do) and pack simply. I hate getting somewhere and thinking of something that would have been nice to have. I have said different times that I actually enjoy preparing for a trip more than the actual trip - it's something I'm working on. I want to enjoy the moments more. Hopefully I can enjoy lots of moments this weekend. :)


Kaytlynn said...

I came across your blog from another blog. I must say I enjoy reading your blog. I went back and read several of your past post. I'll be praying for you on vacation!
In Him,

Wendi said...

Wow, you are more woman then I am to go camping with out the hubby. I think you could have a marvelous time, but I certainly get your dissipointment. I look forward to hearing how things go.