Thursday, July 10, 2008


After re-reading one of my last posts, I feel like I should clarify what I mean when I say "camping". By camping, I mean that we will be staying in a campground. I have never stayed in a tent with my kids and I don't plan to until Rachel and Owen are at least 3, if then. We reserved a cabin this weekend with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom so it will actually be nicer than a hotel. If this hadn't been the case, I would not have attempted this without Josh.

Brendan, Tori and I drove to our house today to get our things. Josh met us on his lunch hour and helped load up the truck and then we went out to lunch. It was good to see him again and I feel better about this weekend knowing I have all my "stuff". It's such a comfort to me. :)

He also told me about the work situation and I have a sliver of hope again. It's a small sliver but it's there. I keep checking my phone to see if he called to say he was coming. I'm not counting on it and I'm trying to tell myself that it won't happen but I can't squelch that small sliver. I so badly want him to be there. We haven't seen him a whole lot the past two weeks and we're ready for family time.

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