Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Opposites Attract

It always surprises me when Josh and I have opposite ideas about something. We usually are very like-minded - I always figured we were the exception to the rule that opposites attract. Of course, there are the common male-female differences. We fit a lot of stereotypes. He likes war movies, action movies, dumb comedy movies; I like drama, romance and light-hearted comedy. He likes to watch just about any sport on tv; I like to watch any home improvement show.

Our goals and visions are often very similar, though. So it was surprising to me today when I wanted to go order new windows and he wanted to just get the house ready to sell as is. I decided to go along with it for two reasons: one, it will mean getting a lot of little things done and that is always good and two, if we don't get any offers right away, we can still get new windows. Notice submission wasn't a reason. I'm not very good at submitting quietly if I feel strongly about something. I usually share what I'm thinking and why I think it's right and why I think he's wrong. But this time, it seems to be a win-win situation.

In spite of this new goal of having our house ready to sell in the next week or two, we didn't really do much tonight. I think I need to make a list and map out some objectives. I think of things that can be done during the day but it'd be easier to do them when the kids are in bed. Then when the kids are in bed, the couch looks so comfy. And my laptop just calls to me. And remember I said before that Rachel and Owen aren't napping in the morning now? That makes my free time at night even more precious. I know if there is a list made, Josh won't rest until things are crossed off. He's opposite of me in that area, too. It's a good thing or we'd never get any projects done. I love starting things but tend to fizzle out about halfway through.

One project that will be fun is the shopping for a few new accessories. I can get motivated to do that all on my own. :)


lidija. said...

i'm a fizzler too!!! so is scott- so it's a wonder we get anything done!! i think that's why i was so proud to finish my race! i actually FINISHED something!! :)

Allison said...

That's why our house hasn't been up for sale yet! The couch looked too comfy for the past few months. Mike started to make me lists, so I can relate to Josh wanting to cross things off. Good luck! We are still hoping this Friday to get it out on the market!!