Thursday, July 17, 2008

Halfway Through Summer

I'm not ready to think about summer being over but the days keep going by. This year, I have really felt the urge to be gone from home. To have a summer house on a lake and live there for three months. I'm not sure why I have felt more restless this summer. Maybe because when I'm home I think about getting it ready to sell and that is overwhelming. There is always something that needs to be done.

Maybe I enjoyed our vacation up north a little too much this year. This is a picture of my family up there. I did love being by the lake and always having people around to talk to. I really miss that when I'm home with the kids. I think I would enjoy living in a commune. Depending, of course, on who the other members were. But I loved taking turns fixing meals and eating with a big group of people. I loved how we all just helped each other out with things that needed to be done. And I loved the conversations and the fun activities. How great to be able to easily coordinate a baseball game just by going outside and saying, "Anyone want to play baseball?" I know it's not realistic but it's fun to dream. I'm so glad we decided to do it again next year.

I think I need to start getting out of the house more with all the kids to run errands or go to the library. It is such a hassle with two toddlers and one reluctant 8 year old but it'd probably be good for us occasionally. I haven't been regularly going to the library and I miss that. I know Tori and Brendan would enjoy that - not sure how Rachel and Owen would do there. They're not the quietest toddlers - in fact, they can be quite ear-piercing and I wish I wasn't being literal. But maybe we can start practicing with a couple of quick trips and work our way up. I need to figure out how to make this lifestyle enjoyable for me while also being content in the stage of life I'm in. It is not a stage of life that makes getting out of the house easy or even necessarily enjoyable and yet, if I stay home all day, every day, I go a little crazy. When will it get easier to go places with two toddlers? I thought it'd be this summer but I was being optimistic. Let's see - next summer they will be 2 1/2. They'll listen and hold my hand and not run away and not scream then, right? Just humor me. :) Tell me it's possible.


Nicole said...

Hi Angie,

I ventured over here via a friend's blog. You sound like such a busy mom. I'm glad you were able to take a vacation. I enjoyed "meeting" you here. Maybe we can meet up again!


Angie said...

That'd be fun - I love meeting new people! Thanks for stopping by.

Wendi said...

It takes much bravery on my part to go out and about with my three. One of the biggest obstacles for me is K's insecurity with walking. Carrying him around is no longer real convenient. He does great with his walker, but if a place isn't handicapped accessible, it is tough. I always feel so empowered and satisfied when I do go out with them all by myself and we do well. :)
Days on end at home can be really hard. We could always hang out together, but THREE 1 year olds and the four older ones could raise our blood pressure more than staying home and doing the mommy thing. :) No really, we should sometime.
Your vacation sounded wonderful. I too really love getting together with my family - all of the help they offer with the kids doesn't hurt either!!

Angie said...

And someday, Wendi, we'll talk about how we're always out the door driving them somewhere and how we're never at home! :) But balance is so important. It'd be fun to do a playdate sometime. And yes, I love having 30 other adults around to keep an eye on little ones. Spread the love! :)