Monday, July 7, 2008

And Still More Creativity . . .

These bags were made by my cousin's wife, Julie. Aren't they awesome? She used handles from J0-Ann's instead of ribbon. I love how these ladies took a simple idea and created such works of art from it.

I'm up visiting my parents again this week. Their church is having VBS and Brendan and Tori enjoy going. Their cousins from Petoskey, Josh's sister's family, also attend and that is a big bonus for them. We're all going camping this weekend in Gaylord and then will swap kids for the following week so the kids are really looking forward to such quantity time with their cousins. They get along really well so it's fun for us as well.

I also started and finished a really good book today - I told you I had free time. :) And I'm a fast reader. It's called The Dogs of Babel and it was a great book. I got hooked early on and couldn't wait to get back into it. Excellent book. Now I'm worried that I didn't bring enough books with me. I might have to ask Josh to bring up some more for this weekend.

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